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​​LBJ’s Ad Men: Here’s How Clinton Can Beat Trump

"The greatest ad campaign in political history". 

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Daisy Girl 

The most famous and perhaps the most effective political message ever created. It, along with other totally original and impactful TV commercials, was part of the 1964 messaging strategy unleashed against Barry Goldwater. “Daisy Girl” ran only once but it has been discussed during every presidential race since it appeared on network television. The ’64 Johnson Campaign stands out because it came from an era when Democratic messaging was actually powerful.

Hail The Trump

We were approached by a group that purported to represent Meg Whitman. This concept was inspired by a comment Ms. Whitman had reportedly made. We found later the group may have had no connection at all to Ms. Whitman–one of several unfortunate experiences we had during 1915-16 when a number of questionable groups contacted us to “do another Daisy Girl”. None were legitimate.

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